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My Totems

Okay, so I've explained everything except for my current personal Totems. So what do I got? It goes like this:

Main Totem: (Owl) Snowy Owl
Secondary Totem: (Wolf) Grey Wolf
Dark Totem: (Badger) Honey Badger

Now, some people would argue that you aren't supposed to actually tell people what your personal Totems are, unless some dark wizard uses some bad juju, using your animal's power against you. This, of course, is crap. So I will explain my Totems from the top down.

Snowy Owl: I fucking love my main Totem, and I feel akin-ship to all owl species, really. I mean, give me something with an owl on it, and you will not be able to get rid of me. o_o That's not true, I am actually kind of hard to get into contact with. xD But I will appreciate it profusely, and use my new owl knick-knack until it dies some horrible material death. I do know this about owls though; as much as I see this in marketing today, owls cannot move their eyes. Look at all the pictures of them, they are always looking straight ahead, that's why their neck is so flexible, is because that is their means of scanning their surroundings. I also know that owls, as well as all bird, are the direct genetic result of dinosaurs. According to research, not all dinosaurs went extinct in the past, the small species that survived the great extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period (mostly small animals, plant life, aquatic life, and so on), went on to evolve into birds. Teeth into beaks, skin into feathers and so on. This has been slowly proven over time with precise research and fossil evidence. So my Totem... is a fucking Dinosaur! Oh yeah! When you really think about that, it's really awesome! When I learned this (which was a few years ago, when I was watching a documentary on the evolution of the feather) it blew my mind! I had never really thought about it before, and suddenly I was faced with the notion that interact with dinosaurs every single day, I've EATEN a dinosaur! And it taste like chicken! Hardy har har. So yeah, there's no going back now, I have never looked at birds the same way again; they are perfect creatures, evolved over years of genetic tweaking. But some may say, if they are so advanced, then how come we rule the world? Well if you take into consideration that ornithologists have estimated there are hundreds of billions of bird inhabiting the earth right now, and there are only close to 7 billion people, I'd have to say they won. That is why I love my Totem. ;D

Grey Wolf: Wolfs have kind of fallen into my lap as a huge artistic inspiration to me, so I'm not surprised they where the first totem I saw. I've been drawing them for years, but I've never actually drawn a Grey Wolf, or any kind of specific wolf; I actually created an alien race of wolfs and had been drawing them (my main character being Black and Green.) I had been drawing these alien wolves ever since I was about 13 years old, but even so, I called them wolves, and they where a huge part of my teen years; via story telling and picture drawing, so it was kind of a given that my mind would pull a Grey Wolf out, seeings as I had asked for specific animal species and all. I still love having the Grey Wolf represent me, as a metaphor for my self. They are wonderful creatures, and sure have a huge fucking following. I know a couple of people who are a little too obsessed with wolves though, which I suppose was another reason to back away from Grey Wolf as being my main Totem, I didn't want to get sucked into the wolf vortex of destruction, created by the men that yearned for that animal association, same as me... but I like to keep things casual and I don't like to take anything to serious... so here we are, loved from afar. :3

Honey Badger: My dark Totem; this was easy to figure out because I started kinda casually asking for another Totem dream, when I had a very exciting nightmare that involved Honey Badger. Honey Badger was raping a 16 year old, dirty, red-neck hill billy girl that hadn't bathed in a while (or ever), and insisted on raping her daughter after she gave birth, and her daughter after her and so on and so forth. The images of the human offspring became contorted and branchy and where really disturbing. (They didn't look very badgery, even though their father/grandfather/great-grandfather was the same badger, but what ever, it's a dream.) So the badger became my dark Totem, representing my suppressed nature, suppressing my true nature is was destroys my quality of life, which is pretty much the same for everyone (according to my one semester course of psychology that I absorbed like pumpkin cupcake with maple/cream cheese frosting.)


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